Learning French Language: Gateway to exciting Career Opportunities

French and English are the two most widely spoken and learn languages around the world, mainly due to colonial conquests of done by British and French rulers before 19th century. As on today, French is one of leading languages around the globe with more than 200 million plus speakers. Overall it is the second most widely sought after language around the world by scholars after English. And it is the only language which is being taught in almost every nation on the planet. These factors combine together to make French a very important foreign language to learn which enhances the career prospects of the disciple of the beautiful language by manifold. There is great demand for people who are fluent in French language in various sectors like retail, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, etc. And there are countries like Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and African nations where French is widely spoken, they also have good demand people who are proficient in the language.

Besides being a language in demand for many industries and countries, France as country itself offers plethora of opportunities for people who have equal command over English and French. France is world’s 5th largest economy and third largest destination for Foreign Direct Investment. It is also one of the leading tourist destinations which attract 75 million plus tourists every year. All these facts culminate into creation of many exciting job opportunities in international job market. Another big advantage is that French is also the working language of United Nations Organization (UNO), NATO, UNESCO, European Union, International Red Cross Society and many other international organizations. Any individual with fluency in French can always pursue an exciting career in these reputed organizations. Another interesting advantage French language offers is that it acts as gateway for an individual to master other languages across the world. Courtesy the rich legacy and geographical presence it enjoys, French borrows lots of words and phrases from other languages and having command over French makes it easier or the person to adapt to other languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.

Scope of French language is not only limited to above mentioned assignments but it also opens up doors in creative fields for people around the world. French is often termed as the language of romance and it has deep connections with domains like arts, movies fashion, cooking, literature, architecture, etc. Any person with creative traits can learn language which will help him or her in exploring the facets of above mentioned domains which will enrich the knowledge, talent and thought process of the individual. To sum it up, French is a beautiful language which offers exciting learning and career opportunities for individuals with a good analytical or creative bend of mind. It also opens of new doors for them which provide them phenomenal international exposure and global travel opportunities.  

Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Indian and Languages (SIFIL) under the aegis of Symbiosis International University (SIU) is one of leading foreign language institutes who offer French classes in Pune.

URL - https://www.sifil-symbiosis.org/french-classes-in-pune.html


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