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The Japanese Speaking Community
JLPT N2 Result 
23rd-Aug-2017 12:33 pm
JLPT N2 Score: July 2nd, 2017

Vocab, Grammar: 27 / 60 (19 to pass)
Reading: 23 / 60 (19 to pass)
Listening: 30 / 60 (19 to pass)
Overall: 80 / 180 (90 to pass)
Reference Grade: B
= I failed by 10 points.

Thoughts: I've already improved so much in the 2 months since I took it that it'd be impossible to fail if I were to take it again in December (also next time I'll bring some kind of medicine so I don't give up halfway through due to eye pain again), but considering what a stressful, huge pain it is I'll only take it again if I can't find a part-time job during my exchange year in Sendai without it. I'm assuming that if I can get a part-time job first, on top of having "Japanese-class grades" I can show to potential full-time employers, the bosses at the part-time workplace can be my references that can "prove" I know Japanese to the full-time even without me having taken the JLPT / having my finished Japanese degree. I don't know what you guys think / know about that.

Unrelated but I also just beat my first game in Japanese (.hack//infection, a PS2 game) where I actually understood what was going on the whole time: I understood nearly 100% of the dialogue, 95% of the in-game forum posts and Emails, 80-90% of the item names/descriptions. So if you're at around N2 level I recommend it (I don't think it's any good for learning from context because there's not enough context clues, but it's good for reviewing — most of it's voice-acted too).
23rd-Aug-2017 07:13 pm (UTC)
Don't take it if you don't need to, it's a pain in the butt!! I just took it in the hopes of it helping me get a job before my degree is finished.

Yeah, there's no way I'd fail it a second time! I don't know if I should try taking it in December or not, could be useful or could be a huge waste of time (in that it'd be unnecessary for getting me a job)....
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