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The Japanese Speaking Community
please help with english to japanese translation! 
7th-Mar-2015 07:08 pm
Please can someone help me with this translation? I don't know a lot of these words and my language exchange partner is on vacation right now so i can't ask him. :(

my mind is cluttered with worries. I can't hear anything. are you there?
please help me! Please help me out of this silence.
I can't see anything. Please help me out of this darkness.

To be honest... I really want to cry but no tears will come out of my eyes.
I feel for you in the darkness and return empty handed. Please help me get through this.

You hold me and I see and hear again. Your skin is softer than silk and your hair shines like the midday sun. Your sweet voice soothes my injuries. I know you won't leave but i'm still paranoid that you will. I'm scared that when i wake up you won't be there and i'll be mute again.

My mind is clear and light, free of all my worries. You're here! I can hear again. You've helped me out of the silence. I can see again. You've helped me out of the darkness.
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