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The Japanese Speaking Community
I'd like some help in understanding next sentence: 未知数すぎるんだよきみは!… 
16th-Feb-2014 02:19 pm
I'd like some help in understanding next sentence:


I have difficulties understanding 未知数 whit すぎる. I though its a sort of saying or idiom but google gave me nothing on that point. I did encounter a few other sentences containing 未知数すぎる and referring to a person like the sentence above.
I though that 未知数 should be take as it is "unknown number" but seeing other examples I came to think it make be only meant as "unknown" which would make a lot more sense to me. I'm asking for advice here anyway.

Thank you
16th-Feb-2014 09:48 am (UTC)
I've always understood that phrase to mean "too unpredictable" or "too volatile."
9th-May-2014 11:26 pm (UTC)
未み not yet 知ち know
未知 not known yet or unknown
すぎる too much(many), over some kind of expectation

数 literally means a number
however...let me explain this...if i could
the person A who speaks this phrase"未知数すぎる~" to B has a certain range of expectation for B or normal people to behave or react in a normal situation
...like from level 1 to level 10
then B does something that A could never have imagined or something that is far beyond A's expectation range

like a scientist, A is predicting something based on a certain kind of an equation
and B is too much of an unpredictable variables(numbers) in that equation, prediction, or expectation
B is too much of an unpredictable element or uncertainty in that equation
or what B does is off the cart
or B is quite unpredictable
or simple "i don't understand you or trust you"

i don't know the context of this particular dialogue so i may be guessing completely wrong
i hope i'm making sense
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