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The Japanese Speaking Community
Shokumu Keirekisho resources 
2nd-Jan-2014 03:16 pm
rainbow dash
Hi, I'm currently trying to write a 職務経歴書 but I haven't used a whole lot of written business Japanese in the past and I'm struggling with describing my past job duties. If I was trying to talk about my past jobs in conversation I could do it just fine, but, for example, rephrasing things like "レストランの掃除をしました" to things like "店舗の掃除業務" is turning out to be a challenge. I'm reading a lot of example CVs in Japanese, but since none of them quite match jobs I've had in the past, is there a resource that basically lists resume-ese for different job duties?

Or, if someone feels like teaching me the direct translations of these things... (I'll copy paste my existing attempts at writing a Japanese resume in brackets, though it's not exactly the same):

"Substitute ALT in Elementary and Junior High Schools"

"When ALTs were absent, prepared and conducted English lessons along with the Japanese teachers"

"Meeting with the Japanese teachers and communicating (in Japanese) with school staff"

"Occasional English translation and summary of documents in the company office"

"Conducted English lessons over Skype"

"Proofread student's writing tasks"

"Created lesson materials, voice recordings, transcripts and example writings."

"Helping customers and busing tables at buffet-style restaurant" (i.e. I didn't actually take orders or payment from customers)

"Refilling food and drink buffets"

"Interpreting between Japanese and foreign staff/interns" (I was the only foreign staff member who spoke more than basic Japanese there)

I guess this is a cultural question, but I did a several month WWOOF homestay two years ago where I volunteered in a pension/horse riding school. It wasn't a real job, but if I don't include it, there's about a 4 month gap in my resume. Does it look better to include that?

If so I'm also going to need to know how to write the following things, "Care of horses (cleaning stables, feeding, giving water, etc)" and "cleaning and making up guest rooms".

I know this is a huge task, so I'll be grateful if anyone can even point me in the right direction for how to find these words. I haven't even started on the "why are these job abilities relevant/useful section" for each job either, so I could probably use some guidance on writing those too...
2nd-Jan-2014 03:54 pm (UTC)
I'm of no help in writing a resume in Japanese, but I've bookmarked this site for when I eventually need to: http://www.glova.co.jp/translation/general.html

If you want to do it on your own/don't have the funds to hire a professional translator, then you can ignore this comment, but that was one of the sites I bookmarked as a good potential, since it's best to have a native speaker translate your piece into their own language, and a resume is something I'd want done perfectly :)
4th-Jan-2014 02:40 am (UTC)
Just my two cents...it's always a good idea to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for i.e. only include relevant experience. Is the riding school & restaurant experience something that you need to put on there?
It's never a good idea to have any sort of 'blank' in your resume (particularly in Japan) so you can always stretch your start and finish dates a bit to fill those in if you need to.
Overall keep it concise and succinct as possible.
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