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The Japanese Speaking Community
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4th-Aug-2010 06:56 am (UTC)
fukyuu ai shite imasu
My Japanese teacher's just 'bout refusing to teach us kanji 'cause just 'bout 90% of the class can NEVER remember them, so I've been stuck teaching myself O.o And since, even with my minor experience, I've been trying to read untranslated manga (nothing else to read ^^'...), it's just been me trying to learn as many kanji as I possibly can, even if they're not commonly used (that of which I have no way of checking because Sensei's not teaching us!!)...

As for the IME, I don't have that, either. I have a list of all the kanji I know copied and pasted in a Word document, plus a site with a giant kanji dictionary, that of which doesn't provide sentence examples, only kanji and their definitions. I guessed that winar244's not learning the Japanese writing system because of the lack of extensions; prob'ly didn't have the Roomaji "u" because they've seen it Romanized as ō and didn't want to go through the effort of writing the ō every single time one was necessary
And with the n, I immediately take a double consonant as a sign of a chiisai tsu, thus the appostrophy separating the two; it's all in an attempt to escape as much unnecessary confusion as humanly possible because I've no one in the least fluent to back me up... Which is exactly why this community is so enticing ^^

This is really good stuff, though! I'm LOVING that you people are correcting me! First time anyone actually pointed out to me the common kanji-usage in certain words. I most certainly owe you a cheerful "Thanks!" for your help, and thus, 有り難うございます ^^!
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