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Skit ideas? 
11th-Mar-2009 01:42 pm
Ohno food

Hi all,

Every semester in my Japanese class, we have three speaking and three reading tests. The reading tests are usually reading aloud some short story or passage from a book; one of the speaking tests is a monologue, and the last one is just having a conversation with the instructor.

However, the second speaking test is coming up on March 30th, and it's always a skit. We normally break up into groups of four or five and can do whatever we want. Two semesters ago my group did Jeopardy in Japanese, and last semester we did an episode of House (complete with commercials, lol). However, this time sensei said to only split up into pairs, or a *maximum* of 3 people.

Our original idea (before we really talked much about it) was to have a nomikai, and... that was pretty much it; we didn't flesh it out much. Now we're in pairs or groups of three, and as of last chapter, have finally delved into keigo. As such, she wants us to pack a lot of it into the skit.

My partner still wanted to go with our original idea, so I suggested we start off as two members of a marketing firm giving a presentation of some sort, get shot down, and go drinking. But I'd like to get more ideas (and quickly, since we'll need to come up with a script and get to memorizing it soon).

I thought of a few more things, which obviously weren't very good because I've forgotten them by now, and I also thought of doing the news... which... I'm sure comes from me watching too much News Zero. XD;

So I'm hoping some people here might be able to give me a couple of ideas to go off of. My question is, what sort of skit could we do that would involve a situation where we could use a lot of keigo, between two to three people (we found one other person that may or may not be joining our little group), that would last anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes? Also, it needs to be fairly amusing, and as it's just going to be done in class, it should require minimal props, or the props should be easily constructed/transported.

Thanks to anyone who has a suggestion!

11th-Mar-2009 09:49 pm (UTC)
Heh. You could have the customer from hell being standard rude, then the salesperson starts out normal but moves into more and more insults, but always phrased in the most perfectly officially polite grammar evar.

Lots of 「ごXXXさせていただけないでしょうか」or whatever but with bad suggestions in.

Finally at the end make one be "throw you out the window" or something and the guy gets confused, uh, okay... so the salesperson does a やった! and chucks him out?

"Might I perhaps be honorably permitted to kick your esteemed ass? Yes? Excellent."

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